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Smile!• The Killing Joke
  2. Petition to stop making the last book in any series a 2-part movie. 

  3. they’re not taking us alive

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  4. mdrnvamps:

you’re great
  5. beccaliving:

    Just a reminder that tattoos don’t have to mean anything. They do not require some intricate and moving backstory. Some people just appreciate having art on their skin…it’s as simple as that.

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  6. jalen-rose:

    Being an adult makes me sad.

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    shut up and drive was still a very weird soundtrack decision for that scene in wreck-it ralph

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  8. tarntino:

    i never want to get married and have kids i want to be 40 and a highly successful director and show up to my high school reunion dressed entirely in yves saint laurent with blood red lipstick and louboutin heels that could penetrate a man’s soft flesh in the current year’s bmw convertible and wear chanel sunglasses the entire time even while indoors so i don’t have to hold eye contact with the little people

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